Editorial - September 2003

Well, it wouldn't be much of an editorial without talking about Back in Time Live, would it?

One thing I'm always amazed by (and which I shouldn't be) is how different people are. In my case I'm now thinking about the SID composers: a motley crew! You've got the musical thinker (Galway), the grizzled veteran (Hubbard), the Mozart-like funster (Fred Gray), etc. I have to deal with all of them for BIT Live, and it's certainly an experience! Some composers I can't quite get a handle on. For example, David Dunn (one of my favourite composers!) wrote me an email once. I replied fannishly (as I do), and… nothing. Follow up emails asking if I'd done or said something to upset him.. nothing. To this day I don't know why the radio silence!

Equally, there are some people who are really easy to get on with, and it's easy to forget they're HVSC composers: such as Waz, Markus S., Thomas D., Marcel D. (who I know better as remixers or scene persons). Ironically distance from the scene in the mid-late 90s has turned people into legends, whereas the people who stayed: well, people have got used to them apparently!These are the unsung heroes!!

I don't know quite what I'm trying to say here, but: if you run into your favourite composer at BIT Live, think of them as a human being and talk to them about now, not then. They've already done enough interviews to shake a stick at (to mangle a couple of metaphors), and have answered most of the common questions. Here's a semi-humorous guide to questions you're most likely to ask, and what it says about you.

Where did you get your ideas from?

Means: I'm a completely uncreative person who thinks ideas come
in a six-pack.

Why did you cover (x) in tune (y)?

Means: I'm a clever dick who's more interested in showing off
what I know in the vain hope that the composer will like me more.

Why did you use this bloody opcode Martin?

Means I'm Boz and I'm having to write a bloody cross-assembler for Project: Galway"

How are the wife and kids?

If they have wife and kids: means I'm trying to be cool, but really I just want to ask you about Sanxion and sit at your feet a little bit

If they don't have wife and kids, means I know nothing about anything. My brain has melted from being in the same room as you. I'm mistaking you for another composer

You're that guy who runs that site…

Means: If I get him drunk enough, maybe he'll give me FTP access…

How about another Beer?

Means: You've just met Dave Whittaker!


Means: You're a member of the Xmas Chortles crew…

So, that's that. And remember:

Come to BIT Live or I'll hunt you down…

Prescription Meds, half price. Generic Viagra! All that's different is the price!

Glad to have sorted that out.

Chris (and not Boz, oh no, not even Darth Vader).