Remix64 Editorial - August 2003

Chris Abbott gets enigmatic for a change… makes a change from suicidal, I guess!
Chris Abbott

How does it feel when the world changes around you? Well, the remix scene is about to find out. Big things are afoot, and I can't tell you about any of them, suffice to say it involves Rob Hubbard fans in high places, and the relaunch of the Commodore Brand. I'm very excited about it, and so should you be, though nothing will happen in the immediate month or two, except at BIT Live. Ah yes, BIT Live Brighton. Just two words: be there. It will be intense, and it will be phenomenal. It could also conceivably be another chance for the scene to break into the mainstream, and maybe take it over 😊 It will certainly make history, and if all goes well, one of the main four UK TV channels will be there. Of course, they may not be… 😊 It will be a seminal moment in the scene's history, whatever happens. It's a strange thing that whenever a BIT Live is launched, the world goes crazy. Dr.Future can testify to that. Things happen, people get excited… the difference this time is the plans are more ambitious, and the people getting excited are very much more powerful than before. And the retro revival has never been stronger… And more surreal!