Editorial - June 2003

Welcome to the first editorial of the new regime, engineered in Germany to last a lifetime… or something!

First off, thanks and good luck to Neil, who will doubtless be unable to resist contributing in the near and far future. So I’ll save the eulogies, other than to say: Remix64 is in good shape, so I’m just helping to keep it running.

Chris Abbott

What will I cover as dictator of the most mighty organisation in the entire world? (er… right…)

Well, anything that I think Neil would have covered, basically.

Or news about Remix64 plus a suitable comment about the strangeness of life.

Like the middle-eight part in songs – you know, the bits that are only there to stop people getting bored of the chorus and the verse: they’re usually 8 bars long. Can you remember the middle-eight to ANY of the hit songs of recent years? The most silly one I’ve heard recently (and even for mentioning this I have to apologise to Matt Gray, since he worked on the song) is Sugababe’s Round Round, which suddenly stops in the middle to turn into a slow waltz-y blues-y thing. Then it just gets going again: it’s like they had a spare song lying around! In fact, the same thing happened to Lennon and McCartney on We Can Work it Out: it started off as two separate songs, with Paul’s upbeat verse and chorus (Try and see it my way), but Lennon had the Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friends bit lying around. One insertion later, and a classic song is born. So I guess not all middle-eights are worthless!

Um, OK, so no Remix64 news except, well, me writing this. Also since I didn’t reply to Neil’s last interview yet, I’ve got to interview myself. But don’t worry, I’ll be cruel and unyielding in my cross-examination of myself and my motives. I’d be surprised if I let myself get away with any of my own shenanigans.

Er… sorry, off track again. Let’s summarise:

1) Hello!
2) Everything here is great!
3) I’ll be trying to keep it that way!
4) There may be the occasional new idea, but any more work and Markus will explode into little bits, so I’ll try and avoid that. It’s for the best…
5) I’d mention BIT Live Germany, but Dr. Future does that below. Good luck, Dr.! I hope that people will submit their diaries of the event afterwards so Dr. can use them. I wish I could go, but hey, I’m a party pooper parent personified…

Chris, not this man, who should be considered armed and extremely funny.

Back in Time Live Germany

A report from Dr. Future

BIT Live Germany - June 2003 Hamburg
Tata! – Now it’s happening, it’s June and we are going to face it – BIT Live Germany stands before the door!

It’ll be a memorable night, there’ll be lots of famous and friendly people from everywhere; guys from HVSC, guys from the remix-scene, famous webmasters, guys from the softsynth-industry, guys from the demo-scene and guys from Alcoholics Anonymous of course, hehe…

There will be quite a lot of new tracks revealed and we have two great DJ’s so far, Arvirus and Skitz: they will make you sweat, believe me!

As you may have noticed, Chris revealed some clips of Marcel’s ‘Sidologie’-Masterpiece, which will be released at BIT Live Germany. There has been a huge & tough discussion of the direction of c64 remix CDs between Chris and Jens (and some others) on the board soon after Chris put the clips online. It’s always hard to judge from such short-clips, so I urge you to give the CD a try in full-length, you won’t regret it.

We’ll have some other great 1st plays there, think of Neil’s ‘Into Eternity’ which is absolutely fantastic. We’ll present you some appetizers (of couse full-length!) of this CD and some other new tracks by well-known remixers, too.

Prepare to face some very tough competitions in challenging some of the finest c64 games ever and reach out for some superb prizes (thanx to synSONIQ-Records). Better get off your couch and get in shape for that 😊

That’s it for now, see you all there, let’s rock!

Get detailed information and upcoming news on the official homepage
www.backintimelive.de and the official forum

Have a noisy June…