Editorial: Febuary 2003

Well, what a fascinating month we've had. Well it was for me anyway, many up's and ofcourse a few downs to go with that.

We finally released the basic version of The Review Database, which at wrting currently holds over 400 reviews, with 350 of them coming directly from Chris Abbott, A great way to get the ball rolling. Ofcourse i'd like as many people as possible to get involved with the new review system. It's a great way to give feedback, which should hopefully calm down the Voting System is wrong paranoia that seems to have been an issue over the last few months.

As announced on the news page at remix64, Bitlive germany will make a debut playing of many of the tracks from the CD, Remix64 Emotions, this is three months before the official release, which is scheduled for a September 2003 release at Bitlive 4. I'm particularly pleased about that, as it would be great if Bitlive Germany would be as succesful as the british event, and i'm pleased to have been able to help raise the profile of it. There will be much more news on this event over the coming months with an article/interview on the event.

There's been a rethink over the forums at remix64 and at c64audio.com. I've always thought that two forums regarding the scene is not for the scenes best interest, i was not alone in thinking this. Chris Abbott at c64audio.com also was on a similar wavelength. Have a telephone conversation and a few exchanges of e-mails through our staffing list we have come to the conclusion that the most feasable conclusion is to host just one forum. At the moment we are just deciding on how this should be best approached with what topics should be used. We want to keep the forum as interesting as possible, so we are looking into ways of narrowing down the topics. One thing seems certain at this point is that a joint forum between r64 and c64audio.com is in the offing, with maybe something else there too. Keep an eye on the news pages at remix64 for further information.

At this point may i personally extend my best wishes to Jan at RKO, whose work at RKO has been fantastic since it's opening some 2 years ago. Jan has been intricate part of the scene for many years and a person who i admire for his honesty and great wisdom. So it's deeply upsetting when he announced that his relationship with his girlfriend had come to an end, and that rko has been put on halt indefinately. Best wishes, jan.

Neil Carr

RemixCommodore - An idea that sprung to mind, By Makke

For those of you who're not on the Yahoo Amiga-remix mailinglist, there's been a discussion about forming a new site for remixes of good old Amiga tunes. A community site like remix64 and an RKO, remix.overclocked.org like archive for Amiga remixes only. A good idea since the Amiga holds a music treasure just as great as the C64.

However, the thought of having two separate Commodore related music sites seems to me a bit uncomfortable. Since many of the c64 remix fans also were Amiga owners and activists, I figured there would be an interest for both sites from a lot of the remix64 people. So in the end there would be two sites with virtually the same people on them, a state which to me seems totally unnecessary.

I gave a suggestion about combining the two sites. My suggestion got little feedback and the negative feedback I got didn't at all convince me that my suggestion was bad. In fact, it made me believe even stronger in it.

My suggestion is to have a combined community, perhaps named RemixCommodore, with two independent sections run by different people but part of the same community. One part would be Remix64 and the other part the Amiga section. Each section would have it's own charts, news, interviews, article, and associated file archive. RKO making up for the C64 part and what ever the Amiga archive would be named (I strongly believe in keeping the file archives separate to avoid confusion, so I'm not suggesting Amiga remixes on RKO).
For these two sections there would be a unified forum, RemixCommodore forum. As both communities would have a lot of common users, I think it would be a shame if the forums were split up and the ones interested in both sections would only have one forum to concentrate on. The ones totally uninterested in the Amiga section, or for that matter the C64 section, would only have to ignore the Amiga or C64 sections of the forum. The same goes for the other sections as well. Uninterested in the Amiga news? Stick to the C64 section!

Another aspect is discovering something new. For Amiga interested people, who previously never heard of Remix64, this would be an opportunity to learn more and find more Commodore related music. The same goes for the C64 people. A one stop Commodore-remix community would make it easier for people to discover the other platform. Also, for small communities I believe that a single centre for activity is vital to its survival and growth. It's hard to get a good grasp of a movement if it's shattered all over the Internet instead of gathered at one place. (Like for example HVSC for C64 SIDs or Exotica for Amiga music of various formats, or c64.com contra back2roots.org.)

Of course, this idea of a unified Commodore remix community would require manpower. The Remix64 team is in no state to handle both sections. It would require people to design and code the new site section, maintain a news page, charts etc. etc. This kind of dedicated people are hard to find, mainly due to the well know lack of time-problem. But a unified community would in my opinion be positive for both scenes. Making it easier for new people to find the community and bringing the two closer together.

I know some don't share my opinion, but I'd be very interested in hearing what the active people of the C64 remix community would have to say about it because I think it's a valid and good idea.


Back In Time Live Germany – what’s going on?

Things are developing quite good. There has been a lot of registrations for the event in the last weeks and we have some members of the glorious HVSC-Team to appear at BIT Live Germany. And since the event is spread through the web more and more, we have registrations from famous sites as www.c64.org or www.c64.sk.

BIT Live Germany - June 2003 Hamburg
The official entrance fee has to be announced, it will be 10,00 €. But remember: Free CDs for the 50 first visitors and the drinks are cheaper than any other location has to offer.

We are hard-working on the new homepage, the official logo is almost finished and will be revealed quite soon. It’s amazing. And then, believe it or not, we have the confirmation that the ‘SIDologie’-CD will be ready to play that evening, so it’ll be the official release of Marcel’s baby. Don’t miss that historical event.

As for the games, we decided to use a beamer on some games and videos, so that will maximize the fun and let the audience get ‘in touch’ with the hard (?) competitions. I’m sure you’ll like that.

Remember that Theme-Competition on remix64? I’ve heard some pretty nice approaches so far, so better get your arse up from the couch and start composing or someone else will get all the drinks for free…

Get detailed informations and upcoming news on the official hompage http://www.c64audio.com/bitlive/sidology/, the official forum http://forums.nekkidradio.com/c64audio.com/viewforum.php?f=32 and of course right here at remix64, the 1st place for the community.

Have a noisy february…