Editorial - December 2002

It's been a busy ol' time here at remix64 this last month, with the competition, new admin, new messageboard and last but not least volume 2 of the remix64 CD series beginning.
Neil Carr

There was a suggestion that i should write a FAQ about remix64 itself. Thinking more about it over the last few days the suggestion makes good sense, especially for newbies, so my next plan of action is to do just that. A detailed plan about remix64.

Chris Abbott wonders where the time went…

Wandering round the Supermarket (as I do), in a strange frame of mind (as
I am), I was wondering
one day about the vast amounts of creative energy being expended every day
on trivial things
that really don't matter one bit.
Chris Abbott

For instance, imagine the job faced by the man at Sainsburys who has to
think up a new name
for a crisp which looks just like Pringles, tastes just like Pringles, and
comes in a tube,
just like Pringles. But he can't call it Pringles. He has to call it…
let me see…
pop off! Or tubular!

The point is, this man's creativity is wasted. Just like most of ours is!

Now, you're in front of your computer. You're faced with a sequencer or
tracker screen. You've
been looking forward to this all day… you had big plans. You know that
given that three hours
of crystal clarity, you can produce the best remix ever heard by man. And
then… nothing.
You're exhausted, you see. Your creativity is gone, sucked away by mundane
tasks and necessary
but distracting trivialities. You know any work you do now will be
disappointing. Some people
do it anyway and release the results on the offchance that someone will
like it. Most don't.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my various projects, but a lot less
time actually doing them.
To say Back in Time 4 takes two years is true: almost. In fact, it's
about a month's work, but
(and this is the crucial part), spread over all the creative moments I'll
get in two years that haven't
already been used on other projects or daily living. The New Age album is
much quicker than that,
but it's almost a year since Karma. What took the time? Well, BIT Live,
family stuff, and just general
tiredness. Curse this feeble body! Curse the need for sleep! So many aims
and ambitions: does no one
understand that if I did this full time I could have been a contender? Ah,
but there's the problem.
If I did this full-time I would be so worried about finances that any
creativity would be swallowed up…
the age-old problem that was only solved by generous benefactors in times
of yore.

The worst thing is when you hear something completely inspirational during
the day, and you're
nowhere near a computer! A chord sequence, perhaps, or a sound… or when
you can hear an idea
in your head, but the technology fights you all the way…