Editorial for November 2002

Welcome to this months editorial. As many of you have now noticed that i have returned to remix64 as Editor. The rest away from the scene was much needed and during my rest i noticed that the energy within me was pulling me back towards remix64 and the comunity. My stay here at remix64 is cemented now like it or not😉

Competition News:

The competition at remix64 is gaining momentum, and will soon becoming to a close. We've had many entries and i can say the quality of the entries is on a high scale with some interesting takes on the two styles. Judging for this competition is not gonna be easy.

The judging process will be in the form of a selected band of judges (not yet determined)and judging will not be open to the public on this occaision. However the tunes if the said musicians want them to be on public display will be urged to upload their finished remixes to RKO after the judging process has been completed. (but not before)

Remix64 Radioshow News:

The radio show has been quite a success with the official listening figures just being announced to me the other week.

We will be closing down the show shortly, so i urge everyone who wants to hear the show to do it ASAP. I'll keep you informed to the precise closing date at a later date when we finally decide to close the show.

Myself and Jesper at southpole have been talking about a volume 2 of the show with all the pro's and con's. At the present time we are still going to use Live365 for the airing of the show, but would welcome suggestions into other ways of broadcast.

We know many people do not like the live365 broadcasting techniques. But at the moment if you want a FREE radio show then it's the best way of doing it at the present time, although we are always looking into viable alternatives.

Remix64 Radioshow volume 2 is being scheduled for Feb. 1st 2003. What it will contain is yet to be decided, but for sure it will contain FULL presenting and requests. With other features being considered at the moment.

Markus & Sunflower to Wed

Many of you know that Markus (Remix64) and Sunflower will be getting married next year. Having known them both for sometime now i can see that it's a marriage made in heaven, and i'd just like to pass on my sincere congratulations to both Markus and Sunflower, and hope they have a very happy life together.

Trace celebrates his 1 year wedding anniversary

Just reciently respected remixer and musician TRACE celebrated his 1 year wedding anniversary, i'd like to pass on my heart felt congratulations to Trace and his good wife, and i hope you have many more years of happiness together.

Did you know?
Trace married O2's sister!