Editorial - Sept 2002

Welcome everyone to September's editorial.
This month was a little quiet at remix64, mainly because i wanted to sit back a little and do a bit of enjoying the scene for a change. I'm getting back into the thick of the action this month, so hopefully there will be a little more action.
Neil Carr

The radioshow at www.southpoleradio.com may have to be delayed, due to two factors. The first one was that the CD's took an age to get from the UK to sweden and the second one was because i stupidly copied the tracks as .cda instead of mp3, and lost the id3 tags for some reason. Anyway keep an eye on the news section to see what's what!

Receintly i announced that there will be no remix64 vol2 for the foreseable future, but that by no means means that their won't be other CD venture's from me.
Infact i've started work on a very exciting and ambitious project away from the c64scene. It's gonna be a mamoth project, and will take nearly two years to perfect. I won't go into too much detail at this stage, but i'll keep you informed as to whats happening in the future.

Setting the record straight.
By Jan Lund Thomsen, Remix:Kwed:Org

It recently came to my attention that Honorabilis member page here at Remix64
contains an epitaph-styled text, stating that I have permanently banned him
from RKO.

I never permanently banned Honorabili. I e-mailed him saying that I think his
15 minutes of R:K:O-fame are up - Unless of course you really make an effort
and create something redeeming, in which case you're more than welcome to come