Seems i never sit down for long, does it? 1st the CD and now the Radio Show! Well it's all good fun… but i really should slow down a bit or i might end up having a heart attack or something😉

The Radioshow is 1 month away, and it's coming on nicely. I've had a few adds come through for the show which sound excellent. Makke was asked to present the show and he'll be working his vocals very soon. Also we are creating a few jingles for the show which will be taking care of by Lman and Sunflower. Kindly Chris has allowed us freedom of the entire CD collection from c64.audio.com so we'll be the first radioshow to play fully commercial work and not just clips. We'll be playing tracks from Bit1,2 and 3, nexus,karma64,Galway Remixed,PPOT, Instant Remedy and ofcourse remix64. We'll also throw in some of the best remixes from RKO, showing that we support both the commercial and the free sector of remixing. We may even have an exclusive or two, you never know😉
Neil Carr

Makke's Column

Oh, busy busy busy! Work on the remix64 radioshow, working on a Arkanoid-cover for Pocket PC, cramming for exams and finishing up the CD. All at ones! As far as for my CD I’m pretty much towards the end of the production. I still have some lyrics to record, and then finalize the mixes.

And here’s a problem not many in our remix-community has had the pleasure to deal with, namely the hard task of writing lyrics to a remix. This is harder than you might think. Since you’re dealing with a song that’s not originally composed by you. Why does this make it harder, you might wonder? Well, the thing is when dealing with the works of others at least I don’t want to write lyrics that are too personal.

For example, I don’t like to write politically, moral based or lifestyle oriented lyrics for other people’s work. The original composer might not agree with my views and statements. I don’t want the original composer to feel his creation is raped by some idiot who talks out of his arse. And this leads to a bit of trouble.

So what I’m saying is that I don’t like to write lyrics about serious matters or issues that the original composer might have political or moralbased disliking of? Yes, and this leaves you with two options to write about. Love or something cheesy. And you know, if you have to be honest, you’ve got to admit that you hate love-songs! At least I do, because most love songs are so pathetically cheesy (unintentionally) or so beautiful and full of love that the person who wrote it must’ve had LSD for breakfast instead of serials.

What does that leave you with? Cheesyness! Ok, so I’ve made a remix where I sing about the C64, I’ve made one where I sing about a computer game and I’ve made another one about games on the C64 in general being more fun than today’s games. All of them quite cheesy.

But what about when you have to fill a whole album with them? Well, actually I don’t have to fill a whole album with it. Only half of it. Half of he songs on my CD is going to be C64 remixes, and I have to give people what they expect from me right? My callsign is remixes with lyrics added. So what do I write about? I think you all would be bored to tears if I only did a bunch of cheesy songs with no serious substance at all. So I came up with a great idea! Abstract and subtle lyrics which can be interpreted as you wish, kind of like the bible really, if you’ll excuse my blaspheme-atheist approach.

Nah, to tell you the truth I haven’t come up with a solution to the problem. But I chose to pick topics to write about that most people probably won’t have a problem with. For example, all humans are equal, the fact that life isn’t always an endless disco-dance etc. And then I hope I don’t step on any of the original composer-toes.