Editorial (April)

Things have been hectic for me this last month trying to meet deadlines for the CD's release. You may have noticed that many articles/interviews and other related stuff at r64 have been put on the back burner while i've spent so much time on the CD.Infact things won't be back to normal for another month so please bear with us.After this project has been finished however it'll be a while before i start on another big idea so we can concentrate on the website and bring you more of what we promised.

Happy Birthday Remix64

This month we celebrate our 1st year birthday. Remix64 has now been online for 1 year. We made a lot of progression since the day we first opened. We have the largest Interview database which will continue to grow. The deffinative Voting on r64 remixes in conjunction with rko. An extensive CD review section, major Competitions, and ofcourse the Remix64 CD. All this and more has been done in soley one year. The year ahead can only get even better.

Final Distribution of Compo prizes

I know, i know they should have been sent by now and i'm very sorry they havn't. Due to several factors some beyond my control the last of the CD's have not been sent out. But i'm pleased to say this month they are being distributed. Guarenteed.

Next Month:

For certain we will have:
  • Interview with Dave Warhol
  • A freebie of Hollywood Poker pro that never made the CD.

Other things too which i don't know yet😉