Editorial for Feb 2002

Firstly i decided to have a little break from r64 for a while.. not really had one since the day we came up with the idea. There was a little delay in posting the Cd's that i said i was gonmna post, but they have now left. prizes 1-5 next week. Saying i've been away from r64 isn't entirely true.. Still writing interviews, and fact finding not to mention the old Remix64 CD, which is just one month away from final remix deadline. I'm hoping to travel to Germany in early april to meet Markus and Sunflower.. All being well my passport will arrive in time . (not had one of those for about 10 years, and boy do i need to get away 😊 ).

I'm not going to be over presume what will be happening this month on r64 like i have done for the last two month, cos when i do that i'm always proven wrong… But what i can say with certainty is that the following are coming….
  • Interview with Jeroen Breebaart.
  • Review of Karma64.
  • Something undescloseable at present.
(no i'll not tell you yet😉 )

There's not alot else to say this month really… so i wont.