Editorial - Feb. 2002

A quiet month really from the Comunity. Nothing much to talk about. The big exception ofcourse was the release of Karma64 which will be reviewed here at remix64 shortly. I've not heard the CD yet, but i've been assured that we will be getting a review copy.

Bitlive 3 is really beginning to make noise from within the scene, with more live acts in the pipeline than ever before. Most notable are: Press Play On Tape,Dave Masters,Mark Knight, Seth Sternberger. The last person will actually have a c64 on stage. There will be competitions and if remix64 - The CD is released on time then you'll have the chance to win a copy of that plus other goodies in one of Chris's Compos. Bitlive 3 is sounding bigger and better than ever and ofcourse you'll get a full report with photo's here at remix64.

As stated on the news pages distribution of the compo prizes for the recent 3-1 remix compo has been delayed due to personal problems that was beyond my control. I'm now getting my feet back on the ground and started to get back to normality both emotionally and finacially. Distribution of the said CD's will comence very shortly (couple of weeks). A big heart felt thanx to all of you who have sent your best wishes, i'm honoured that so many people have taken the time to write to me. It's amazing how a few words can do so much. Thankyou 😊

well i said last month that you could expect many things… Well delivery of these was much lower than expected. About 50% was delivered. These things ofcourse are in control of certain people, so i can in many cases only print what i get. So what do we have for you this month:
  • Review of Karma64
  • Interviews with Jeroen Breebart, Tim Forsyth, Mermaid, Johnathan Dunn, Kris Hatelid, Jochen Hippel, Dave Warhol.
  • Distribution of Compo CD's.

  • These are planned, by no means are certain ofcourse.