Editorial - Jan 2002

Firstly, i hope everyone had a great X-mas, and i wish you all the luck for 2002.

Year 2001 - Review

We can look at this year with only one thought…. The terrible New York plane disaster, and the following war that still exists in Afghanastan… But whithout dwelling too much on the sorrows of that day i'll look into other issues that have affected the computing world…

2001 saw a new and more devistating array of virus's… The Code Red virus was probably the most infamous of them all. This saw Governments and Large scale companies being thrown into disarray. These virus's are growing in sophistication and devistation.

Microsoft got into to trouble for their monopoly on the computer market. However it is thought that Microsoft got off lightly, the launch of the new Windows however has failed to capture the world market to any great significance with journalists stating there isn't enough from within the package to warrant upgrading your machine. Old Pc's infact may not be able to run the new operating system due to the fact it needs more processing power and memory to operate.

Two new consoles hit the market… Microsoft X-box and the PS2. The playstation 2 has done as well as expected.

Following the Scenes progress, Back In Time Live was a big success.. Fans of the c64 came from all over Europe to celebrate the biggest Event ever at Birmingham. Celebs such as Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, Fred Gray, David Whittaker, to name a few attended and it was a great chance for fans to actually speak with their Heros from the 80's. Bitlive also went to London on a smaller scale. London Will host Bitlive 3 which is set to do it all again this June again with Celebs and heros. Those who missed the two pervious events are urged not to miss this.

Back In Time 3 was released to a new format… Orchestral. It is being hailed as the best c64 album to date… Our review of this CD seems to agree with that fact.

QuadraSID was unleashed and won many fans who have used it. Thomas Detert, Puffy64 and DHS often use this product for their music, and it was beta tested by Chris Huelsbeck.

So 2002 is gonna be a biggest Year ever for the scene. Remix64 grows from strength to strength, and is slowly getting to what we wanted it to be like.. Remix64 itself has a plan to continually improve and develop. The reviews database and a cooperation with c64audio.com is set to come into effect in the coming months. C64audio.com will be getting a completely new look with many new features.

A big range of Cd's are set for next year.. The first of which is PPOT's, shorlty followed by Karma64 from Slow Poison.. Remix64 sees its very own CD launched at Bitlive 3 in June along with Sidologie… Plus there's more…
Immortal 2 should be available this coming year for those who follow the Amiga music scene. There's Also talk of an Atari ST Album, but these reports are yet to be confirmed.

Makke Wins Compo by the the smallest of margins.

Makke's remix named Hell On Earth Spells Game over. won the great CD Giveaway compo here at remix64 by the smallest of margins.. Only 4 points seperated the top 4. All Winners please forward their snail mail address to claim your winnings.

Whats Coming this Month…

We are currently in the middle of some very interesting Interviews….

Jochen Hippel, Chris Hatelid, Machinae Supremacy, Dave Warhol, and more…

We have a review of Seth Sternbergers Unfortunate Brain Chemistry.
And the results of Remixer Of The year.

We'll also be displaying the artwork for Immortal 2.
Also it is expected that we'll be making a remix available for FREE download of Ark Pandora… This track never made the Remix64 CD for many reasons, but it's still a very good remix.