Editorial - December 2001

Firstly i have got to appologise for sending the Badtrans.b virus out. This was sent to me and automatically launched itself, due to a loophole in Outlook 5. However i have been succesful in ridding the thing and i am now clear.

Due to this and other problems i haven't really been able to keep up with the scene as i would have liked. So the planned Bumper Editorial won't appear untill the New year issue.

Remix64 has now become interactive by adding the voting and profile sections. In the 1st month of Voting Machine Supremacy's Giana Sisters (As expected) has been more often than not at number 1. Could this be the remix of the year?

While we are on the subject of Remix of the year, why not vote for this at our special voting screen. Please take a while to fill in the short submission form, and register your vote. Results will be announced for the bumper Editorial next month.

I've decided to stop the Recomendations part of the editorial, due to the matter that the voting section speaks for itself.

Composers CD?

I've been discussing a possible idea with various people of late, and now i'm putting this to you….

Imagine Rob Hubbard, Thomas Detert, Ben Daglish, Fred Gray etc etc etc composing completely NEW tunes. 15 completely new Tracks from various Ex c64 composers all on one CD. For me this sounds very exciting, but what i would like to know from our readers is that do you find it interesting? Would you buy this CD if were available?

Please write your coments on our hot-topic Discussion board. Your coments are vital, it could make the possibility into a reality.

CD Release date moved forward

Since the development of Remix64 - The CD has come on by leaps and bounds we have provisionally moved forward to June 2001. Our aim is to release the CD at BitLive 2002 at Gossips nightclub in London, if ofcourse its finished by then.😉