Editorial - November 2001

Remix64's first interactive feature RKO VOTING has now become available. This is the stepping stone to many more interactive features that we have up our sleave. Charts, Reviews to name the two we have already spoke about, but there are more.
LMan and Jan Lund Thomson of Remix64 and R:K:O respectively have done a tremendous job in bringing our vision forward. I congratulate you both for making this possible.

Well we've got a nice new front cover (A special Hallowean edition). Many have been asking for us sell the poster. We have no plans at the current time to sell Posters or make them full size for personal printing, however no firm decision has been made yet so maybe in the future, who knows.

What can we expect this month?

We have an interview with Plough and Jan Zottmann (Immortal 2) producer. There's something of a joint effort with Jan as we have agreed to exchange interviews and CD related news items. Both interviews are related to our forthcoming CD's. Jan's will be featured here at remix 64 and mine will be featured at synSONIQ.
It may be possible that we might be revealing our Front Cover to the CD or maybe we may show a poster which has been designed by Steve barratt.

I'm considering whether we should do a Winamp skin based on the forth-coming CD, which would be available for free download. If anyone can help with this please do get in touch.

Also if you have any good ideas what we could offer you FREE or otherwise based on the CD then i'm also interested in hearing from you.

Competition news:

There has been massive interest in the competition which has been extended by one month. This has been because of unforseen circumstances beyond my control. However this has proven to be a wise choice as many more arrangers have taken up the challenge.

Now who is gonna decide the outcome of the compo?
I have decided to not be involved in the judging for reasons of fairness. Instead i'm thinking that i will be opening the competion up to you, the scene. You can decide the winners and you get to vote on the outcome. This as yet as not been certified as being true… Why not give your own opinions on wether we should open up the compo for voting? You can do this by entering our hot-topic discussion boards?


The Great Gianna Sisters - machinae supremacy

No real surprise with this one a superbly performed rock version of The Great Gianna Sisters. Could be the remix of the Year.

Recommended Downloads

Comic Bakery - Octave Sounds

A cool little number with big Swing connections. A style that has worked quite well on this occaision.

Ghosts And Goblins - o2

If you are a Jarre fan, then you will love this awesome remix.

Monty on the Run Hi-Score (Club Singer mix) - Perhaps-a-Doobie

Probably the must humourous c64 remix ever. You just have to download this to hear the fun.

Kinetix (tune 2) - Jeroen Breebaart

A great dance remix of Jeroen Tel's Kinetix.

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