October 2001

In the near future.

Well it seems the Voting based on the tunes of RKO is just about ready. We need to make some adjustments here and there and discuss a few matters with RKO's Webmaster Jan Lund Thomson, But i'm very confident that the Voting Database will be ready before the next Editorial.
Following this we will be progressing with the long awaited Review Database.
I hope many will use the voting database when it becomes available. It's something many have stated they want, and i'm sure many arrangers will be keen to know exactly what vote you give their music.

Battle of the Bots

Michael Schwendt's bot arrived to the c64-rmx mailing list last month. This caused a massive debate and a poll. The bot is designed to keep subscribers of the mailing list informed to when new remixers become available. It seems that few could agree with how this should be done, no more so than RKO's Webmaster Jan Lund Thomson who was very displeased in the manner it was conducted. I now think that Michael's Bot works nicely after he made some adjustments to how it was presented and the regularity of the updates. However this has not stopped Jan Lund Thomson creating an RKO mailing list to inform people of when remixes become available. Is there room for two Bots i don't really know. Subscribing to two lists where the information will be sent twice could become annoying. Should one of these bots go?
Is the official Bot the best bot?
Why not discuss this on the Hot-topic messageboards (link provided at the bottom of this page)

Remix Of The Month

It's been a very good month for some really good and varied remixes. It's been very difficult to decide who gets the remix of the month this time around.

Last Ninja 2 (part 2) - Matt Gray - Arranged by Magnus Erik Band.

A breath taking guitar rock which fits perfectly to the theme of the tune.


Lightforce (Motorhead-mix ala Ollas)- Rob Hubbard - Arranged by Mahoney.

A clever and highly inventive remix from Mahoney.

Myth - (Jeroen Tel) Arranged by Glyn R. Brown

Yet again another month and another entry into our recomendations. A dancey version of Myth here done very nicely indeed.

Clystron (Thomas Detert) Arranged by Goa (Gathering Of Arrangers).

Although not available at the time of writing. This collection of remixes from Lman, Dhs, Oj Oscillation will surely blow you of your feet. Thomas Detert remarked They have done a brilliant job. I am impressed how CLYSTRON sounds in the 21st Century. it is a 10 out of 10 piece of work

Way Of The Exploading Fist - Neil Brennan - Arranged by FTC

An excellent remix of WOTEF which FTC announced is a trubute to Trace, who also did a great and possibly the best remix of this tune.

Ocean Loader 5 (Swing Mix) - Jonathan Dunn - Arranged by Trace

Possibly Trace's finest hour since his remix of WOTEF. Great stuff here.

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