Welcome to issue 5 - September 2001

All go at r64

Next Month and subsequent months are becoming quite exciting here at R64!.

Well we have announced Remix64 - The CD. Which is progressing much more rapidly than i would have thought. We have two Full remixes and some beta Cover art for the CD. Keep a close eye on the special Remix64 - The CD section for the lastest news on this. We'll let you know as soon as we do.

Early next month sees the opening of our long awaited remix competition which features over $500 worth of prizes. Special section opening soon.

Also we are working on that promised review database these last couple of weeks and are beginning to form the initial phases for the project. LMan states that the project could be open in about 1 month time, if all goes well.
We are soon to upload our Remix64 Special investigating exactly what goes off and what difficulties exist for a producer with comments from Thomas Boecker (Merregnon) and Dan Wright (Audiophonik)
Ofcourse we have the regular stuff… I can tell you that we have an Interview with the fans favourite The Dead Guys so keep an eye on the news pages for that.

RKO's Censorship still rages on

The new Quality Control from RKO still rambles on within the remixing scene. With Special concern shown by Honnerabili. Ignacio's remixes have been constantly rejected by rko for quality reasons. Ignacio reports that over half of his remixes fail to pass the guidelines set out by Webmaster Jan Lund Thomson. This topic is sure to be one of the most debated of recent times. Are you for Censorship or against it?

How Much SID is too much SID?

Ftc raised a good topic on our Hot-topic messageboards… How much Sid is too much??

Can you take the melody in a sid form and add beats and then call it your own?

Or do you just add some of the special Siddy sound FX into your own synth project?

Should it be 100% Sid or should there be no sid at all?

Well the descussion has started, so why not join in and tell us What do you think is too much sid?

Remix of the Month:

Hollywood Poker Pro 2001 (Dr. Future)

A stylish modern synth version of a Huelsbeck Classic. Dr. Future has created a slick remix which if listened to more than once you appreciate even more. Good work.

Recomended Downloads:

One Man And His Piano (Linus Akesson)

Raw and rough and very LIVE. A very clever cover of One Man and his Droid on nothing but a piano and recorded entirely Live All 6:45 of it.

Rambo (Glyn R. Brown)

Averaging 1 tune every month at the moment glyn has yet again shown that he is a fore runner in the remixing scene with yet another appearance in our recomendation lists. This cover glyn states actually isn't as good as the .Wav he has. It didn't convert well at the time and he had other things to do…😉.. But this is an excellent remix regardless.

Dixie Commando (Scalex)

Commando to Jazz… Mmmmm. Well if you like Jazz then this is right up your street as it rings quality. If you hate Jazz then you aren't gonna appreciate this well executed remix.

open_in_newDownload These and many more From the RKO website