Welcome to editorial issue 4 - August 2001

They Conquered, then fell.

During my research i found that gaming giant Infogrames may be ready to take over Atari. This information is purely based on rumblings from the gaming industry, and may not prove to be totally acurate. However there's never a fire without a spark.

This got me thinking How many companies have we seen either die or taken over by bigger enterprises.

Imagine was probably the first major coop. Ocean bought the flagging company only to be recently found to be flagging themselves thus Infogrames stepped in and bought them out.
Virgin also soon became a major buyer of companies collecting companies like Mastertronic, Melbourne House, amongst others. Amasingly Richard Branson sold both his gaming and music buisness. The gaming side went to Blockbuster Video and the music side went to Warner. Richard later went to press stating that he would have liked to keep both companies, but needed the extra finance to build his fleet of airplanes. The Melbourne House name still exists to this very day, but somewhere along the line is now under ownership of Infogrames.

England with America was probably the biggest base for the early gaming Industry. America is still strong with companies like Microsoft, Microprose, Electronic Arts amongst many others. However with a few exceptions the English market has either been swollowed up or has collapsed. Many English companies have now been taken over by either American or European rivals. Though to be fair there has been casualties in all areas, but non more so than England.

Great names have vanished. Remember the days of Firebird, Elite, US Gold, Palace, Beyond, Domark, Gremlin. They are no longer with us. Names such as Mastertronic, Ocean, Edge… The list goes on and on.

It's sad when you think of the great games that came from these companies but like everything in life times change, faces change. The one thing that won't change are the memories we all have. The memories of the c64.

Guest Writer.

In a male dominated scene we found a young lady that goes by the name of Angel. She spoke to us about her feelings regarding the old forgotten sids. So here's what she said:


To all of you who have not heard the so-called dead music, I consider that you have been deprived of a wonderful type of music, lost in the ages to some. I personally feel it's some of the best music I have heard. Granted, I haven't heard as much as some of you have, but what i do know is that it should be remembered and I have to say that it must not die. It is truly great music.

Most of the files I have of the older sids are some of my personal favorites. Not all of them are as good as others, but none are so bad they should be forgotten.

Many people should hear this music. I find it a shame that it is not so well known to the masses. I wish that some of you would take a chance with some of the older songs. You may like them more then some of the new ones. The music is amazing to those who cannot make it, but it to amazes the ones who can. Back in the 80's programs and resources were limited for musicians. It is because of that, that we should especially pay attention to this music because what we were hearing is pure talent. I have gotten so used to this music that not a day goes by that I don't go without listening to it on a regular basis.

I'm addicted to songs like Wizardry, Cauldron II, Knight Games, ShadowFire, and Sorcery. They seem to be continual songs, never ending. I like how with the sids you can leave it on one song and it will repeat automaticly and you don't notice it. Unlike with most songs that if you hit repeat you can always tell when the song starts and ends.

Remix Of The Month.

Master of Magic (OJ Osc's medieval mix) - Oj Oscillation

Oj's has provided a much needed version of this classic Rob Hubbard tune. A tune that is difficult to get right, but Oj has done a wonderful job here. Good work.

Recomended Listening:

Rock'n Roll Level 1 (Special CZ Tunes Remix) - Cz Tunes

Mixing lead sid with modern sounds doesn't impress me too much, but this remix is very clever and is very welcome.

Firelord - Krister Nielsen

Nothing over special, but it just sounds so right.

N.O.M.A.D - Glyn R. Brown

Bouncy as bouncy can be. Remaining true, yet adding glyn's addictive creativity.

Smiling Reggae (Gangstars In The Jungle Mix) - Slumgud

Original and very inventive. A clever remix here.

open_in_newDownload these from R:K:O


The Biggest Underdogs in history

There are many tunes overlooked by the masses. Some of these that have been overlooked are ringing in quality. What are the most under-rated sids of all time?

What tunes have you enjoyed that the scene has ignored? who's best to remix these? will they ever see the light of day?

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