Firstly I'd like to welcome you to Remix64. We have worked tirelessly to bring you this website, and we hope you will enjoy your visit. Please do visit us again for we will be keeping this site up-to-date,. We will provide you with the latest news, views, interviews, and reviews along with many other features and articles.

Competition Time

As you can see we are now running a competition where you could win prizes totalling $100. QuadraSID has been causing a stir amongst the Beta testers and is set to take the scene by storm. The release of this is imminent. We have worked with reFX to bring you this exclusive competition. We hope this will be a success. If it is successful then be assured we will be looking to do more remix competitions in future.

Hot Topic Debate

Reviewing… How do you do yours???

This month we shall discuss the matter of Reviewing. The team has noticed while creating this site that some reviewers can be quite destructive with their critasm towards a remix. While we think if a tune that is poor should indeed be criticised, but it should be done tactfully and with consideration of what the arranger has been trying to achieve. What's the point in just slamming a person down for his creation? Who knows what the future lies for the guy you just slammed, he could well turn out to be the next big thing, but by slamming him and his music you may just hurt is pride, so much as to say that he'd maybe doubt his own ability and stop doing anymore music. Where would we be now if Rob Hubbard decided to say Forget it, people just don't get what I'm trying to do! We all want the scene to continue and grow, but if reviewers keep insisting in being so damn destructive the scene won't grow, and may even shrink. It would be a disaster for those persons trying to keep the scene alive… Persons like Kenz, Warren Pilkigton, Chris Abbott and Jan Lund Thomson, just to name a tiny selection.

Guys, give it some thought. When you next review a remix, and you dislike it, critase it constructively else any new arrangers that appear on the scene may just quit before they have even started. Remember.. Done the considerate way this will help the arranger in providing a much better mix. Feedback is good, reviews are good, but only if they are well planned and constructive.

(Hot Topic Forum discontinued)

That's it for this month. Take Care.

Neil Carr / Remix64