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The Blithe, the Blend and the Bizarre

by Reyn Ouwehand
Reyn Ouwehand - The Blithe, the Blend, the Bizarre Label
Prevue Productions
Overall album score
 83% - Very Good

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Reyn Ouwehand once again sets new standards in C64 live performance. This CD concentrates on those small or overlooked tunes that once filled our hearts with joy, and produces the definitive versions of them. Once you've heard his rendition: your brain will always think of the tunes that way. Performed live by Reyn and previewed extensively on Boz's Bit o' Bollocks Slay Radio show, this CD is further enhanced by Gilliam-esque artwork from the multi-talented Reyn and that Wizball and Sanxion-meister himself, Mark Hennessy-Barrett. This CD will leave you with a big soppy grin on your face. Guaranteed!* * Not a guarantee, but it's very likely.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Zeppelin Reyn Ouwehand 81% 
1-02 R The Great Giana Sisters Reyn Ouwehand 92% 
1-03 Ghosts 'n' Goblins Reyn Ouwehand 88% 
1-04 French Frittes Reyn Ouwehand 85% 
1-05 Mutants Reyn Ouwehand 84% 
1-06 Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Reyn Ouwehand 86% 
1-07 Samurai Trilogy Reyn Ouwehand 85% 
1-08 Stifflip & Co Reyn Ouwehand 87% 
1-09 Hunchback II Reyn Ouwehand 75% 
1-10 Fruitbank Reyn Ouwehand 78% 
1-11 Wizball Guitar Solo Reyn Ouwehand 70% 
1-12 Magic Johnsons Basketball Reyn Ouwehand 85% 
1-13 Boulderdash Reyn Ouwehand 88% 
1-14 Superstar Ping-Pong Reyn Ouwehand 75% 
1-15 Skier Reyn Ouwehand 81% 
1-16 Comic Bakery Reyn Ouwehand 87% 
1-17 Frogger Reyn Ouwehand 81% 
1-18 Rolands Ratrace Reyn Ouwehand 85% 
1-19 Super Pipeline Reyn Ouwehand 87% 
1-20 Garfield Reyn Ouwehand 87%