Galway Remixed

by Reyn Ouwehand
Galway Remixed - Reyn Ouwehand Label
Total playing time
70 min
Overall album score
 84% - Outstanding

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The ideal partner to Project Galway to celebrate the genius of Mr Galway himself, this CD is a slice of accomplished, hard-edged synth with a contemporary edge not blunted since its release. Highlights include a great dancey Wizball reminiscent of Wizball 2000 but with its own flavour (and a reverse attack that sends shivers down the spine), a Miami Vice that you can lose your consciousness in, and a full length Parallax that really conveys the thrill of the melodic ending of the piece.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Parallax (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 11:35 87% 
1-02 Comic Bakery (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 5:48 87% 
1-03 Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2 (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 5:37 91% 
1-04 Athena (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 5:56 83% 
1-05 Arkanoid (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 2:27 77% 
1-06 Insects in Space (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 5:00 88% 
1-07 Parallax (Ingame) Reyn Ouwehand 3:10 83% 
1-08 Miami Vice (Ingame) Reyn Ouwehand 12:16 84% 
1-09 Rambo (High Score) Reyn Ouwehand 3:10 87% 
1-10 Wizball (Title) Reyn Ouwehand 5:42 87% 
1-11 Wizball (Ingame) Reyn Ouwehand 8:24 75%