M1x3d Up

by Instant Remedy
Instant Remedy - M1x3d Up front cover
© (C) 2020 Instant Remedy Label
Instant Remedy
Total playing time
30 min

Digital Album
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The album is more of an extended EP and not a full album since it only has 8 tracks. Some of the tracks are old remixes which never made it to commercial platforms but by working out the copyright stuff and remastering them now have found a way to your favorite streaming service. 4 of the tracks are original compositions I made some years ago which I remixed/remastered to make them fit your ears better. Although the styles of the tracks are a bit m1x3d (hence the album name), the primary direction of the sound is a classic 90’s dance style with SID sounds and crispy arp chords – the classic IR sound. This is what I think most fans will appreciate.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Stuck in Progress Instant Remedy 3:00 0% 
1-02 Magic Disk 64 Instant Remedy 3:52 85% 
1-03 Flimbo's Quest (Title Theme) Instant Remedy 3:42 0% 
1-04 The Last V8 Instant Remedy 3:37 0% 
1-05 Purple Sky of Freedom Instant Remedy 3:53 0% 
1-06 Frosty Treetops Instant Remedy 3:10 0% 
1-07 Project - X (Extended Summer Edit) Instant Remedy 4:52 0% 
1-08 Johanna Hård Instant Remedy 3:35 0%