Immortal 2

by Various Artists
Immortal 2 Label
Jan Zottmann
Overall album score
 74% - Very Good

Audio CD
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… and the baton was passed from the original Immortal series founder to old scene hand Jan Zottmann. This CD is the only remix CD on this page where almost all of the remixes were done by the composer of the original. There's a much clearer sense, here, of how the composer meant the original to be. In fact, this has sometimes led to more daring experimentation as the original authors feel more at liberty to interpret their own creations. Highlights include the soulful female vocal to Shadow of the Beast 3, which owes more to R&B than remix, and the orchestral flourishes of James Pond, Robocod by its original author, Richard Joseph.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Barry Leitch 81% 
1-02 Lionheart - Dragonflight Matthias Steinwachs 64% 
1-03 Final Countdown Torsten Gellrich 75% 
1-04 Swiv "Decimation" Andrew Barnabas 70% 
1-05 Body Blows Allister Brimble 88% 
1-06 Carcharodon - White Sharks Torsten Gellrich 64% 
1-07 Jim Power - Main Title Fabian Del Priore 70% 
1-08 Z Out - Level 1 Rudolf Stember 75% 
1-09 Shadow of the Beast 3 Tim Wright 76% 
1-11 X-Out Chris Huelsbeck 81% 
1-12 R Battle Squadron Ron Klaren 83% 
1-13 Lethal Xcess Jochen Hippel 64% 
1-14 Hero Quest Ingame Barry Leitch 75% 
1-15 Rain Jan Zottmann 75%