The Piano Collection

by Chris Hülsbeck
Chris Huelsbeck   The Piano Collection   Cover Label
Sound of Games Publishing & Chris Huelsbeck Prod.
Total playing time
78 min

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The Piano Collection is a selection of Chris Huelsbeck's best known compositions, superbly arranged and performed by talented pianist Patrick Nevian. Additionally for the first time and with the expertise of collaborators Sound of Games, the music is now available as sheet music for both beginners and advanced piano players (more info at ). Hundreds of dedicated fans from all over the world made this the number one Kickstarter piano album to date!


Music Composed by Chris Huelsbeck

Arranged and Performed by Patrick Nevian

Orchestration & Arrangement (Track 18) by Michael Stoeckemann

Produced by Chris Huelsbeck & Sound of Games

Editing by Chris Huelsbeck & Michael Stoeckemann

Mixed by Chris Huelsbeck

Marketing and Business Development by Filipp Issa

Foreword by Hans Ippisch

Story Text by Audun Sørlie

Text Editing by Tracy Sheppard

CD-Design & Layout by Tassilo Rau

Mastering by Hans-Jörg Maucksch (Pauler Acoustics)

Track 18 recorded and performed by F.A.M.E.’S. Project / Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra

Thanks to all backers and supporters who made this project a reality!

Copyright © 2015 Sound of Games Publishing & Chris Huelsbeck Productions

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Shades Patrick Nevian 4:11 0% 
1-02 The Great Giana Sisters Patrick Nevian 5:43 0% 
1-03 Katakis Medley Patrick Nevian 6:07 0% 
1-04 To Be On Top Medley Patrick Nevian 3:28 0% 
1-05 Hard'n'Heavy Medley Patrick Nevian 5:13 0% 
1-06 R-Type Title Theme Patrick Nevian 3:49 0% 
1-07 The Great Bath Patrick Nevian 3:19 0% 
1-08 Gem'X Title Theme Patrick Nevian 3:12 0% 
1-09 Theme From The Carl Lewis Challenge Patrick Nevian 4:26 0% 
1-10 On Stage Patrick Nevian 4:10 0% 
1-11 Jim Power Stage 1 Patrick Nevian 4:03 0% 
1-12 Jim Power Stage 3 Patrick Nevian 4:12 0% 
1-13 Apidya Credits Patrick Nevian 4:26 0% 
1-14 Turrican 3 Credits Patrick Nevian 3:31 0% 
1-15 Extreme Assault Credits Patrick Nevian 5:15 0% 
1-16 Christmas Theme Patrick Nevian 3:47 0% 
1-17 Daybreak Sonata Patrick Nevian 3:44 0% 
1-18 Apidya Credits (Orchestra Bonus) Chris Huelsbeck 5:18 0%