Back In Time 5 - Escape from SIDs Castle

by Chris Abbott
Back In Time 5 - Escape From SIDs
© (C) 2020 Label
Total playing time
79 min

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Performed and programmed by: Chris Abbott
Producers: Chris Abbott and Kenneth Slaygon Mutka
Assistant Producers: Damian Manning, Russell F. Howard and Anna Black
Executive Producers: Steven Innell, Tero Kilkanen, Roland Fejes
Art: Trevor Storey

Track credits:
01. Imagine Ocean (Galway), arr. Abbott/Pickering, orch. Pickering/Tait
02. Green Beret Part One (Galway) arr. Brimble/Abbott, orch. Pickering/Tait
03. Ark Pandora (Daglish) arr. Abbott/Daglish, orch. Pickering
04. Hunter Patrol (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
05. Firelord (Daglish/Brown) arr. Brown, orch. Pickering/Tait
06. Monty on the Run Suite (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard/Pickering/Tait
07. Monty’s Journey (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard/Abbott, orch. Hubbard/Tait
08. Turrican 2: The Great Bath (Huelsbeck) arr. Eaton, orch. Eaton
09. William Wobbler (Daglish) arr. Abbott/Daglish, orch. Pickering/Tait
10. Storm Warrior (Cooksey) arr. Cooksey/Pickering, orch. Pickering
11. Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (Cooksey) arr. Cooksey/Pickering, orch. Pickering
12. Times of Lore (Galway/Brown) arr. Brown, orch. Abbott
13. Stifflip and Co. (Joseph) arr. Abbott, orch. Pickering
14. Monty on the Run (Hubbard) arr. Abbott, orch. Abbott
15. Monty’s Journey (Hubbard) arr. Abbott, orch. Abbott

All tracks copyright High Technology Publishing Ltd. except Turrican 2: The Great Bath (Chris Huelsbeck)

Firelord is dedicated to Ulf Jonsson
Monty on the Run is dedicated to Danielle Hallett

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Imagine Ocean Chris Abbott 4:38 53% 
1-02 Green Beret Chris Abbott 9:06 0% 
1-03 Ark Pandora Chris Abbott 2:03 0% 
1-04 Hunter Patrol Chris Abbott 5:58 0% 
1-05 Firelord Chris Abbott 5:48 0% 
1-06 Monty on the Run (Canonical Arrangement) Chris Abbott 8:36 0% 
1-07 Monty's Journey Chris Abbott 5:31 0% 
1-08 The Great Bath Chris Abbott 2:46 0% 
1-09 William Wobbler Chris Abbott 2:26 0% 
1-10 Storm Warrior Chris Abbott 5:02 0% 
1-11 Ghosts 'n' Goblins Chris Abbott 4:29 85% 
1-12 Times of Lore Chris Abbott 5:56 0% 
1-13 Stifflip and Co. Chris Abbott 2:44 0% 
1-14 Monty on the Run (with Bacon) Chris Abbott 7:42 0% 
1-15 Monty's Journey Original Concept Chris Abbott 5:56 0%