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Back in Time

by Various Artists
Back In Time 1 CD Label
Total playing time
70 min
Overall album score
 79% - Very Good

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Back in 1996, a quest began to produce a definitive remix CD of C64 music. There had been nothing like it before (save Datahits, but that didn't really count). It had to involve the original composers in some way, and it had to go through the professional pressing. It was a huge risk, but the end result sold over 2500 copies. Out of print forever, now you can download the album through the miracle of this thing we call The Internets.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Delta - TItle Theme (Chronological Mix) Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard 3:00 70% 
1-02 Rambo First Blood Part 2 - Loading Theme (Eno Mixalike Mixe) Chris Abbott 3:55 85% 
1-03 IR Sanxion / Thalamusic (Imposing Sanxions Mix) Chris Abbott 5:36 81% 
1-04 Thing on a Spring - Title Theme (Bouncy Springy Mix) Chris Abbott 3:52 71% 
1-05 Parallax - Title Theme (EquiMixe) Chris Abbott 9:28 85% 
1-06 Auf Wiedersehen Monty - Title Theme (Hands' Moleman Mix) Chris Abbott and Gabriele Priarone 6:03 81% 
1-07 Mutants - Title Theme (AmbiMixe) Chris Abbott and Warren "Waz" Pilkington 4:00 76% 
1-08 Great Giana Sisters - Intro Theme Chris Huelsbeck 3:51 81% 
1-09 Monty on the Run - Title Theme (Rob Assisted Sprint Mix) Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard 6:13 85% 
1-10 Arkanoid - Title Theme (Architectural Brickbashing Mix) Chris Abbott 2:25 75% 
1-11 Ocean Loading Theme V3.0 (Wahmixe) Chris Abbott 2:50 70% 
1-12 Wizball (Spiral Of Fire Mix) Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard 3:54 91% 
1-13 To Be On Top Chris Huelsbeck 5:37 77% 
1-14 Crazy Comets - Title Theme (Rob Funk Mix) Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard 4:32 85% 
1-15 Delta - Victory Theme (Champagne Supermix) Chris Abbott 4:29 81%