Amiga Remixed

by Various Artists
Amiga Remixed Cover Label
Amiga Squared Productions
Total playing time
68 min
Overall album score
 83% - Very Good

Digital Album
No longer available

Special digital album for supporters of the Amiga Power remix album. Contains selection of tracks from various other remix albums, plus exclusive extended versions of the First Samurai and Agony remixes, and a brand new master of the Assassin remix. Not available for sale.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Shadow of the Beast: Pipes of the Beast (Big Band Mix) Tim Wright 3:26 0% 
1-02 Rise of the Machine Chris Huelsbeck 5:54 0% 
1-03 First Samurai (Full Length Original Edit) Andie Burt 6:04 85% 
1-04 Agony: Title Theme (Full Length Acoustic Jam) Martine Mussies and Danja Gerova 7:14 75% 
1-05 Superfrog: Iceworld Allister Brimble 4:12 85% 
1-06 Chris Huelsbeck Megamix Instant Remedy 17:08 85% 
1-07 Assassin Allister Brimble 5:24 87% 
1-08 Fire & Ice Jason Page 4:10 0% 
1-09 Lemmings: Puggsy Theme (Boing Boing Boing Mix) Tim Wright 5:17 0% 
1-10 Spellbound Barry Leitch 8:53 0%