8BW Confidential 2.0 Limited Edition

by 8-Bit Weapon
8 Bit Weapon: Confidential 2.0 Label
Total playing time
49 min
Overall album score
 79% - Very Good

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8-Bit Weapon's trademark SID 'n Drums is here, for those who wish remixes had more of that powerful SID sound, and less faffing about 😊 Seth Sternberger is an experienced live performer who's done Las Vegas and London, and is currently being marketed by Nokia: normally his sound is more eclectically 8-bit, but here he's targeted his favourite SIDs and put his imprint on them, to great effect. The album is available as a digital album in FLAC and MP3 (note the whole album download), but 64 limited edition signed and numbered copies in a 5.25 disk sleeve are available too. Highlights of the album include the trippy Acidgroove", and the epic Times of Lore main theme which apparently took two weeks just mastering!

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Times of Lore Intro (Remix) 8-Bit Weapon 0:55 0% 
1-02 Neuromancer Ending (Warhol Edit) 8-Bit Weapon 1:48 64% 
1-03 M.U.L.E. (Bitblaster Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:23 0% 
1-04 Inspector Gadget (GOGO Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 0:59 0% 
1-05 Crazy Comets (Orbital Decay Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 4:48 85% 
1-06 Chimera (Miles Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 3:56 0% 
1-07 Spy vs Spy II (Drunk n' Basement Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:57 0% 
1-08 Bards Tale II Sanctuary Score (Ybarras Mystic Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 1:46 0% 
1-09 Defender of the Crown (Royalty Remix) 8-Bit Weapon 1:02 0% 
1-10 Movie Monsters Game (Disco Terror Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:10 0% 
1-11 I.G.U.S.T.R.A. (Studio Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 3:45 0% 
1-12 Commodore C64 (Bit Blitz Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:59 0% 
1-13 Boulder Dash (Dubby Dirt Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 0:47 0% 
1-14 Acidgroove (Orchestral Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 4:37 85% 
1-15 Arkanoid (Bonham Beat Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 3:24 0% 
1-16 Mars Saga (MrJetlands Slow Jam Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:04 85% 
1-17 Defender of the Crown (On the Romance Tip) 8-Bit Weapon 1:17 0% 
1-18 Times of Lore Title (Epic Hendrix Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 7:13 0%