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Ghosts 'n Goblins (RockMetal Cover) - arranged by Vaggelis Papadopoulos

Review by redhot, 29/06/2022

Yeah ok this deserves a full review. Ghost'n Goblins is probably one of the most recurring song coming from the past to my mind. I really lost hours trying to beat the game and, of course, there was no save progress on the C64, so I listen to the title track an insane amount of times. I really liked the atmosphere created by the SID and since the firsts I listen to every remix of the track. I found them really good but they lacked that atmosphere. Vaggelis remix is instead enhancing that. The first time I listen the it I felt the urgency to turn my old friend on, load the game and try, once again, to beat it. I consider this an outstanding success. So the technical part. Opening is theatrical and it immediately draw a line to the rest of the track. Instruments and parts are really cured except maybe for a little drop at 1:25 (I'm still asking me if I like it or not), then the rhythm takes off to the epic level of guitar at 2:10. The track won't leave you rest, with chorus additions and increasing climax, until the last part that is a complete surprise. LaLa says that it remembers Greek , but I feel it as balkans (better Romanian): the perfect place for Ghosts and Goblins.
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