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Remix64 Design History

An overview about Remix64 design changes

Remix64 Layout Version 1, used 2001 - 2004. Screenshot shows the page as of July 2002

Version 1 - 2001 until 2004

The first offical incarnation of Remix64 was a steampunk styled, 3d rendered, frame based interface. The hard coded, image based menus were pretty inflexible, because adding a menu item was associated with a lot of manual work.

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Remix64 Layout Version 2, used 2004 - 2009. Screenshot shows the page as of September 2004

Version 2 - 2004 until 2009

The second design featured c64 screen blue and a less playful user interface. It marked the end of the frame based approach. There were special versions online, for example a BITLive London variant and one for the release of Syntax Era.

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Remix64 Layout Version 3, used 2009 until present day. Screenshot shows the page as of June 2009

Version 3 - 2009 until 2017

A fresh modern look and a lightweight, straight forward, template based, fully stylable and fully automatic user interface are the features of the 3rd version.


Remix64 Layout Version 4

Version 4 - 2018 until today

A clean and mobile friendly user interface.