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c64 / Amiga Music scene related Links

The biggest C64 remix file repository in the world. Public uploads are allowed and encouraged, though moderated. All downloads are free. The site is maintained by Jan Lund Thomsen. Commonly referred to as RKO

The biggest Amiga remix file repository, set up as the Amiga equivalent to RKO, and run by John 'Ziphoid' Carehag.

The biggest record label dealing with Commodore 64 music and remixes. Secure shop available. Home of the Back in Time series.

The C64 Take-away podcast: Commodore 64 remixes and original SID sounds to go, presented by Jan Lund Thomsen.

8Bit Weapon
8 Bit Weapon is Seth, ComputeHer, and MelBot. 8 Bit Weapon has performed across two continents with an arsenal of 8 bit weapons, including a c64. Also home of various SID and other chipmusic albums.

The Chemical Rock CD by Paul Kubizyn can be bought here.

The Ultimate in sid downloads.

The SOASC= Project - the whole HVSC collection recorded from the real deal as mp3 downloads

The famous QuadraSID website. A tool for bringing Sid into the new age.

ChrisNZ Amiga Mp3s
ChrisNZ Amiga Mp3s - your Amiga favourite tunes in MP3 format.

Links to Composers

This site contains a collection of samples and pictures from c64 composers!

A website dedicated the most famous of all the c64 musicians... Rob Hubbard.

Chris Huelsbeck's website, and he's still going strong.

Chris Huelsbeck's Game music record label.

A well presented fansite of one of the all time masters. Chris Huelsbeck

Markus Siebold, the composer of the c64 Turrican II musics presents a tribute to the neverending story of the c64

Barry Leitch Audio Studios

Homepage of Stefan Hartwig, composer of the Turrican I + II intro tunes and other game soundtracks.

Bjorn Fogelberg's homepage.

Bjorn Lynne's "Lynnemusic".

Bjorn Lynn's "alter-ego" for producing Trance.

The SID related website of Thomas Detert

Zyron's homepage: "A corner of my mind"

Other c64 / Amiga related Sites

Binary Zone Interactive Public Domain.

C64hq is a high quality website for all you freaks who still thinks that
the Commodore 64 is the best machine ever released. We've got games, demos,
lots of interviews, a quiz, lots of pictures, articles, and much more!

Surprise! Productions - They show you where the crabes overnight - famous computer scene group

The Home of "Merregnon". A fantasy music CD from some of the hottest game composers around.

audiophonik music for the scene generation CD compilation.

A compilation of past scene demo's on a DVD. Dan Wright and the old Hornet crew are working on this right now.

Bjorn Fogelberg's other project. He collects samples from many analogue instruments, which are available to download.

Home of the Immortal 2 CD.

The Commodore Zone - sid music database and legends of the 64

Detailed information about C64 Games and Demos. Download games, demos, SIDs, manuals, books and picutures. We're still creating new games. We keep the C64 alive!

Swedish C64 site with the biggest C64 forum in Scandinavian on the Internet

Think Commodore
Own an Apple Macintosh and want to emulate the C64 or Amiga? Fancy old Commodore games, demos, music etc.? is about Commodore emulation from a Macintosh perspective.

Norwich Retro Gamers
Rediscovering gaming history in
Norwich, Norfolk, and beyond...

Links to Arrangers

Puffy64's PCuniversum

The home of The Soundwavers

Peter Morck's homepage

The New look of Dj Lizard

Wobbler's homepage

Ferrara's Homepage

Home of Trace aka Kent Walldén


Putzi's c64 dance remixes

Rapture's Area - Fabian Del Priore's official homepage

Octive sounds, the place to be for 64 remixes and original tunes.

The Dead Guys. The Fans favourite arrangers. Check them out to see why!

The home of Instant Remedy and his forthcoming CD

Darren Izzards Homepage.

The Homepage of Makke

Paradise Dreams. Featuring remixers: Apple, Anvil, Cirdan and TLF.

HAP, the place where Hiryu composes (...) !!!

The home of the the most popular remixers of Giana Sisters.

Rafael Dyll's homepage

Remix64 CD Musicians

Gianluca Verrengia (Musician - Remix64 v2) Credits: Music for - (Games)The Watchmaker, Hooligans, Broken LKand, Nightlong, Blazing Steel, Tales Of Tamar, Ipersoccer, Raddairk. (Film, Shorts, Commercials) Granice Svemira, Childnow organization (preprod), ApFamily, Mazel Images, Hollow (feat.Edoardo Costa & Kai Portman), LazioTV News.

Thomas Detert (Musician - remix64 v1 (Musician/Sound Engineer - V2))Credits: Music for c64 games (Another World, Blue Angel 69, Clystron, Tales Of Boon + many more). Writer/Composer/Producer of Activate, 666, Neomi, Outhere Brothers (number one hit in france and Scandinavia with the Techno group 666), (15 gold and 7 platinum records)

Markus Holler (Musician - Remix64 v1&V2)Credits: Music for - Cold Zero – The Last Stand , Hotel Giant, and Tales Of Tamar (amongst others), Merregnon 1&2.

Markus Schneider (Musician - Remix64 V2) Credits for: C64 games musician, Back In Time 4 member. Voted Best New comer at Remix64 (2002)

Thomas Heinrich (Artist - Remix64 v2)Credits: Artwork for - The conspiracy project, Tunnel B1, Viper, Mission: Impossible, Kaya.

Jan Morgenstern (Musician - Remix64 v2) Credits: "Black Sigil" (composer and musical director),"Lambda" (composer and producer), various commercial and presentation works".


Home of Second Face Productions - Toaster, the DIY MIDI knob box and WaveKnife: splitting WAV files made easy

Home of RedImp

A cool internet radio station that features DJ skitz (A c64 comunity member)