Editorial: FEBRUARY 2006

Think for yourself - or else?

by Chris Abbott

Neil said something oddly profound in a previous editorial: we're all getting older. Whereas he thought it was the end of the scene, I prefer to think of it as more of a new start.

As I get older and leave my 20s permanently behind, I think I've got more confidence than I did have. I've also got less patience with being told what to think: not to mention I finally understand how the world works: not the spiritual bit of who lives or dies, but why the world is as it is. When the last of your illusions die, to an extent it's a cause of celebration, since you're finally seeing clearly.

Think Iran is really about their nuclear ambitions? Google for petrodollar. Will someone magically give you a record contract? Nope. Think the games industry is still fun? Nope. Think that publicity inevitably leads to good things? Nope.

In essence, the last ten years has taught me this: no one is out to make you rich. They are out to make themselves rich, and to use you as the tool. Any positive consequences to you are purely coincidental.

Ironically, knowing the truth makes you a lot more valuable and respected. No one respects someone they've ripped off. And it means you can cut through the bullshit and really get to a deal everyone can live with.

That's the business world. I feel like I'm a lot more qualified to deal with it now that when I started the whole BIT ride. It stinks, but my hopes are on hard work, some firmness and the occasional inspirational idea to pull me through and let me eventually get back to what I really love: the music. I've found someone in business I think I can trust, and I finally feel like I may be able to provide a decent future for my family. I'm also finally making headway in getting all the stuff onto iTunes.

There was supposed to be a point here: which is to draw your own conclusions about important stuff. Don't be happy with what you've been told, but do your research. If someone tells you that you shouldn't be using that lead with that tune: use other's people's opinions, but don't just change it because the scene says SID is bad (which it reeeeally shouldn't), or because someone is quite vocal, unless you actually agree. If someone tells you that you must do something if you're to survive. Check it out. Because I can guarantee something: you're not being told the whole truth. Ever. And finding it out is very difficult. The truth is out there, but you have to make it yourself from the discarded bits of other people's opinions. Go get it, tiger.

Why all this? Well, I mentioned C64 music, and in a bright light (the kind they use in cosmetic adverts to hide the fact that the 45 year old actress looks like a raisin) you could just about interpret this as a plea to innovate, and find your own sound. I can't promise you that it will result in Slay Ratings or a red smiley, but you'll be a lot more proud of your work, since it will be you.

Oh, and if you really really suck. Go do something else. Everyone has a talent, but it's not always what you'd want it to be. Lots of C64 remixers would make really really good domino players. It's just the way it is. Live with it. Deal with it. Spank your inner muppet. Whatever.

This man is a whiz with an angle.
Like this guy, who's here showing the correct way to spank your inner Muppet…

Cya on the flipside.

- Marvin (aka Chris)