Editorial - February 2004

Thought for the month: You can argue with me, but if you tell me I'm wrong I'll hunt you down with a sledgehammer and apply force to your kneecaps.

Words to live by.

In all scenes, things change and grow: or they stagnate and wither. Where is the remix scene heading? When (not if) Remix.kwed.org comes back, we’ll be back to normal. Producing MP3s six-to-the-dozen, etc, etc.

Chris Abbott

However, consider how the world has changed since the basics of this existence were laid down in 199x with the C64Audio and Triad sites: there’s an awful lot of technological progress and stuff which gives us greatly expanded fields to exploit: we have iTunes, Winamp radio stations, any number of affordable video tools, and even in mobile phone technology a return to the cramped sound that spawned the whole SID movement in itself. We have emulated hardware, and any number of SID synthesizers, Sidstation, Hardsid, Midibox, Catweasel, Quadrasid… So, for my first editorial of 2004, here are my ideas of things you can do which I, certainly, would be interested in seeing: 1) Do a KenzBozPPOT and do video to a SID track or remix, illustrating it. Use existing film video if you have to, the whole thing’s illegal anyway, and no one's likely to mind, especially if you just use atmosphere shots and don't sell the result. 2) Do a Mahoney/PPOT/Trauma and try and combine SID songs into existing songs, or use the instrumental backing track bits as starting points for your own audio adventures. Use lyrics for bonus points! 3) Do a SUPERSID: use as many SID channels as possible to create pieces which contain mostly SID stuff, but which use 16-32 channels. Big sweeping SID chords, delicate SID triangle waves, raucous SID percussion… or maybe do a Feekzoid and add existing SID tracks and an existing SID remix that doesn’t have any. Produce the ultimate SID: the one the composers would have done if they had more voices! 4) Do a Datahits: not SID + drums, but SID + more SID + loads of other stuff + drums. It’s not as easy as it sounds! 5) Do an FTC/Feekzoid/RIDE/Others: use a small subtune or segment from a SID to produce an entirely new song. Make it sound like Vince Clark or Tangerine Dream for extra bonus points 😊 Now that Remix64 has its own linking system for pieces, you don’t necessarily have to produce something that fits comfortably onto RKO! But do me a favour: if you do any of these, can I listen to them first? I may be able to use them… 😉 Let’s shake this artform up a little bit, shall we?

Chris, who is played in this editorial by this man. Here he demonstrates the angle you shouldn't put a pizza at if it's really hot. Useful information!