May 2002

As bitlive draws near. A cool idea would be to have a meeting place for all those who havbe come to London a little early. I've set up a descusion at the HOT-TOPIC messageboard. For those who are interested in meeting before the main event.

(Hot Topic discontinued)

The CD and the artwork for remix64 goes to replicators today. Much of my work as now been finished (apart from pr stuff). I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things on our website very soon. You may have noticed a little more activity this month. Well i'm hoping this activity can grow a little more from now on.

A little rant here. i just purchased a broadband router so i can be connected to the internet from two different computers but can i hell get this thing set-up. At the moment it's just sitting here in front of me sayingcome on thicko connect me. Now this idea of plug and play is great in theory, but when you want it does it do what it should? like does it heckers like.

Although not recongnisable to you, Markus has re-wroked the news script and now offers both me and markus a much easier and more versatile working environment. Basically most of the work at r64 is not seen by our visitors, while sometimes r64 may seem in limbo it's actually not, essential improvements and maintenance are often being made without any visual differences to the viewable part of the website.
Just a little fact: Remix64 now contains over 270KB of code, and more than 2MB Database content.