Welcome to the 2nd Editorial from Remix64.

While Remix64 steadily grows and adds more features the magazine is far from complete. Over the coming months we'll be adding many more new features. Interactivity is an issue here at Remix64, so expect the magazine to become interactive. Of course time is precious little and the worklog grows. We cannot put a date to these interactive features but rest assured they WILL appear.


Lately there has been an injection of quality remixes. Here you'll find Remix64's recomendations for the month and a brief description.

Zak McommandoKracken

A late entry here.. Puffy64's special mix of Zak Mckracken mixed with Commando. A slight Mike Oldfield touch here and there, especially towards the end. Download is a must.

Auf wiedersehen Monty (Oberheim edit)

Peter Morck's experimental A.W.M is unusual yet very creative. May not appeal to everyone's tastes. But those looking for something a little different should check this out.

Vertigo (Touchdown Mix)

THC Flatlines take on Vertigo is exceptional. Here's you'll find the mouth organ playing the main lead with the inclusion of xylophone. Highly recomended.

Cobra (Morricone Edit)

Probably the best of the bunch. Axel Melzener has given Cobra a new western feel which has a fantastic sound-picture. If you don't download this then you'll miss out.

BIT Live Anthem (Commando Edit)

DHS of The Soundwavers has created a wonderful anthem for Bitlive. A great dance piece with vocals.


Glyn R Brown has done a great job of extending Blasteroids. This tune is very catchy with some neat touches.

International Karate (LManic Chop Suey Club Mix)

A dance version of the original Hiyaaah mix. Made especially for Bitlive this version adds to what was already an excellent version.

Glider Rider (Remastered BITliveMix)

Trace's Glider Rider brings added dance to one of Whittaker's best tunes. Recomended downloading or The puppy gets it! - Jan.

open_in_newDownload the tunes at remix.kwed.org

Ofcourse there are many other great tunes to be found at remix.kwed.org, but we have singled these out for special attention.


You don't have long now... The exclusive competition to win QuadraSID is coming to an end. Entires have been slim..So if you submit a remix then you'll have a great chance of winning. Remember the closing date is 10/06/01

Unfortunately due to time limitations we were unable to add the submission form. So please E-mail it to me or icq it.


Should R:K:O become more selective.

There have been many quaility remixes just lately, but without pin-pointing to anyone or anything there has always been a case where you'll find some decidedly dodgy stuff. Mainly this stuff is either SID with beats or a tune that is so short it's pointless..Sometimes it's a complete rip-off.

Now the question lies... Should R:K:O become more selective?

Of course if R:K:O became more selective you'd find a lot less remixes, but you'd find better quality. On the other hand is quality better than quantity and would this prevent all arrangers showing their creativity?

A fine blend is required here, but what is that blend?

Now our HOT TOPIC messageboard is open for you to discuss this. It may even help Jan at R:K:O decide which route to follow.

(Hot Topic Board discontinued)