A Tribute to Jeroen Tel

by German Remix Group
GRG - A tribute to Jeroen Tel Label
Total playing time
46 min

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One year after a Tribute to Jochen Hippel the GRG gave their tribute to another retro legend. The album a Tribute to Jeroen Tel was released in the winter season 2012/2013. The three new members Sunspire, Xenox & Awesome-A joined the German Remix Group for this project.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Invest Intro Xenox 3:32
1-02 Hawkeye eiz 5:27
1-03 I Cybernoid (Gargoyle’s Theme, feat.Aki Järvinen) Dr Future 6:32
1-04 Battle Valley Dark Rises Awesome-A 4:20
1-05 R Intro CZ Tunes 3:38
1-06 Alternative Fuel Amok 3:02
1-07 Agony Medley 7 (Lv3 - Loading Sea - Lv2) SunSpire 4:27 70% 
1-08 Rubicon (Elemental Mix) Mitch van Hayden 6:21
1-09 Supremacy eiz 4:55
1-10 Closing In Xenox 3:41