Progressive 64

by FastLoaders
FastLoaders   Progressive 64 Cover Label
Total playing time
49 min

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Progressive 64 is the new CD from the amazing FastLoaders. Top Commodore 64 game tunes done in a rock style, with the occasional symphonic flourish. Intricate, intelligent and powerful, as well as faithful and full of detail.

This album started as a stretch goal for the Back in Time Symphonic Collection (now 8-Bit Symphony) Kickstarter and was then an add-on to the Ninja Musicology Kickstarter (with free postage) which helped it reach its goals.

Cover artwork by Kenneth Slaygon Mutka.

Arranged, performed, produced and mastered by Jarle H. Olsen.
Executive Producers: Chris van Graas, Paul Cook, Russell F. Howard, Antony Harris and Marcel Schoen.

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Ocean Loader 2 FastLoaders 3:58 85% 
1-02 Commando FastLoaders 4:03 0% 
1-03 Future Knight FastLoaders 3:22 0% 
1-04 Ghouls and Ghosts FastLoaders 2:25 0% 
1-05 Monty on the Run FastLoaders 5:53 0% 
1-06 Barbarian FastLoaders 4:15 0% 
1-07 Auf Wiedersehen Monty FastLoaders 6:05 0% 
1-08 Storm Warrior Suite FastLoaders 8:21 0% 
1-09 Green Beret FastLoaders 2:56 0% 
1-10 Forbidden Forest and Beyond FastLoaders 7:00 0%