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gibs - The Last Sun 2010 - Official Remix

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gibs Veteran
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I have reworked this remix from scratch.
I sent it to Fred and he asked me to call it Official Remix

I would like to thanks Mordi for providing some samples.
And Fred for supervising the remix giving some cool tips.

ROTY 2010

2 Best Amiga Remix

Wow!!! Another masterpiece from Gibs. Again very great guitarwork. Very well done!!!
The original is a really nice track, and gibs' rendition is outstanding!
Can I vote more than outstanding? :D I knew already it would have turned out to be *beautiful*, but I've never imagined *that* beautiful. I'm shaking (and about to cry :D). *Thank you* Fred in the 1st place (hope you're gonna read) and *thank you* Gibs.
Wow... What a tune!!! Nothing more to say, impressed.
Gibsy, you rule! Fantastic remix of an outstanding tune!
Nice Guitars, Great Sound, I Love it
Nice guitar!
Truly a fantastic song. Outstanding does not do this track justice!
I would like to hear that music in world wide radio FM
Great Sound :)
A good guitarwork from this sound. Nice job gibs!
I havent words to describe this beautiful tune, congratulations!
Great production and fab guitar work as usual. Awesome!
Absolutely outstanding!
Love the guitar work.
Very good guitar player but im bored of this old sounds... I hate guitars!!
I always liked the original, but this remix is absolutely amazing! Very well done!
Number one!
Fred can only love it! And for me this song took me back good years ago!!
Great work
Brilliant :)
Good, Jogeir's xm remix remains my fav though. Not so much into guitars :)
This is the art of music!
Review by Pepino


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

It is no my favorite from Gibs - Test drive was the summit - but it is a fantastic remix.

It is a pity that I didn't hear before the original music, so the nostalgic factor is not strong at all.

Anyway Gibs is one of the best remixers of this site, and it is doing his best to become my favorite, and overthrow Reyn (what is extremely difficult).

Your guitar is overtalented and makes a cool melody, into a powerful Nº 1 hit. You have a gift.

I want to beg one petition. I have been waiting for a loooong time the definitive remix of Target Renegade. There are some nice version over there, but I want just you, to arrange that music as it deserves. It needs your hands on your guitar, do it!!