Merregnon Vol. 2 gets serious

01/05/2002Thomas Boecker has announced that Merregnon 2 will be performed by a real orchestra which includes vocal performances. The Prague Symphony Orchestra have been enlisted to perform both the orchestral side and the vocal performaces, making Merregnon 2 an epic which should not be missed.
Submitted by Tas

First clips from the Remix64 CD

24/04/2002The Remix64 CD pages have been updated. You'll find the complete and final tracklist, and you are able to download and listen to extracts from the first three tunes. Every week we will provide three more clips.

Have fun! 😊
Submitted by LMan

Marketing and PR work.

16/04/2002We are currently searching for organisations who may be interested in doing somesort of coverage on the remix64 CD.

If you think you can help by sending us some suggestions on who we should be contacting please mail me privately by clicking the tas link below.

Thankyou for helping 😊
Submitted by Tas

The 8-Bit Bonanza Tour!

01/04/2002This news was provided courtesy of Seth Sternberger.

The tour starts in London (UK), then to Amsterdam (Netherlands), to Munich - Düsseldorf - Berlin - Hamburg (Germany), ending in Switzerland.

So far the tour looks like this:

Allen Williams - Tour Manager, performer (maybe) and German Chocolate Playboy

Seth - Performer, promotions manager, and tour co-manager

Branden Kurtz - DJ and pro-schmuzer

  • 14th of June: We leave for London
  • 21st of June: WE play @ the Commodore 64 Music Fest @ Gossips Club
  • 22nd of June: We fly to amsterdam YAY! To expand our minds and perform at a club. Which club has yet to be officially not sure yet either...
  • 26-29th of june: We start our trek east to Germany, not sure exactly when this treck starts. My friend Firestater is booking us together (firestarter is a performer as well) @ the pudel club in Hamburg. It's supposed to be a Big venue over there. SO I'm stoked about that show. We will also be confirming bookings in Berlin, Munich, and Düsseldorf. Busy week! The trek to germany start date depend on which gigs we actully obtain in germany...
  • 29th of june: We start our trek to switzerland.
  • 6th of July: I perform @ the party. Where we will be performing again with firestarter and a few other micro peepz!
  • 8th July: We fly home
Submitted by Tas

Sidologie is latest casualty to face postponement

01/04/2002Due to an Infected Elbow, Marcel Will be unable to complete Sidologie in time for Back In Time Live 3. The planned CD at the moment has no confirmed release date.

Fortunately Marcel has completed his work For Remix64 CD which is still on target for the Bitlive release date.
Submitted by Tas

Back In Time Live CD delayed (Mail By Chris Abbott)

28/03/2002Well, something had to give, and it turned out to be the Back in Time Live CD.

This has now been postponed until autumn, primarily to allow us to get soundbites and clips from BIT Live 3 on there, and also to allow Boz to make it a much more intricate CD than originally planned (and because we can then pick and choose from tracks from the CDs released at BIT Live!).
Submitted by Tas

More privacy for arrangers

19/03/2002Jan Lund Thomsen from Remix:Kwed:Org has decided to keep the arranger's eMails hidden from the public. This was due to spambots repeatedly scanning the site.

Yet, visitors still can send feedback to the arrangers. By klicking on the arranger's name, an eMail form will open. This change was also applied to the RKO Arranger Name field at Remix64.

This does not affect the eMail adresses by Remix64 members who have decided to publish them on their member page.
Submitted by LMan

Reyn Ouwehand dances with Galway

18/03/2002It was announced today that Reyn Ouwehand will be releasing a CD full of Dance remixes of Martin Galway.

The CD is set to be released at Bitlive 3 along with 5 other CD's: Remix64, Sidologie, Back in Time Live, Instant Remedy, all of which will be released through and the amiga remix CD: Immortal 2.

The interesting thing is that 3 out of the 5 c64 remix CD's are dance. While remix64 and sidologie are based on The 80's and Jarre respectively.
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 Voting on Remix.Kwed.Org

07/03/2002Good news for the community: In close cooperation with Jan Lund Thomsen from Remix.Kwed.Org, we are proud to present the Remix64 in-a-box feature.

It is now possible to access instant voting by clicking on the Smileys at R:K:O. A small popup window will be opened where you can LogIn for voting, see the exact rating at Remix64, or access the detailed tune informations.

Jan was most pleased and willing to help strengthen the scene by bringing the two websites closer together. Cheers Jan! 😊
Submitted by LMan

Karma 64 review

05/03/2002The review of Karma 64 is now online... Please check the reviews section.
Submitted by Tas