BIT Live 2023 Remix Compo

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Compo Rules


Chord-emulating Arpeggios!



  • Your remix should showcase brisk arpeggios emulating chords, comprising a minimum of 3 distinct notes each. There are no limiting rules, your remix is free to incorporate even full-fledged chords featuring concurrently played notes.
  • Remixes are limited to any publicly released SIDs and Amiga modules produced prior to August 2023.

Additional Rules

  • Format: MP3s only
  • Your remix should be a new, never before published piece.
  • Your remix can be of any length, but in the compo it will be faded out after 4 minutes.
  • You can submit only one entry to the compo.
  • Upload your entry with the form below.
  • Provide any additional comments you want to share about your remix in the form below. Comments will be displayed to the public, both on the screens at the event and on the voting page. Max comment size: 200 characters.
  • NOTE: This will be an anonymous compo, so your submitted file will be stripped of any information that may identify you as the remixer before it will be presented to the voters (e.g. your handle in the filename or in the ID3 tag will be removed).

Deadline for Entries

  • 2023. October 29, 23:59 Central European Time
  • Remixes submitted after this date are not guaranteed to make it through to the compo.


The winner will receive the Back In Time Compo trophy, as well as honor and glory at the event. The top 3 winners will get additional minor prizes.

NOTE: The winners will need to be present at the event to receive their prizes.

To upload an entry to the competition, click the button below.

NOTE: You must be a registered member at in order to access the upload page!

Questions, problems?

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